Since childhood, he has been interested in drawing, building huge castles of lego and games. During his first school years, his interest in drawing esquets in hige was a collection of fully trained school books, notebooks, and first graphic designs i the field of Fast growing digital art industry led Peter to high school. During High School he developed unique graphic design skills and improved his classic art skill. Leassons in the history of art and theory of graphic design led him to typography where he learned how to work with short and complex texts. In the same years he started working with 3d and spend long evening learning game development, basics of modeling lighting and texturing. Combination of those

skills escalated in first motion design atempts. During his graduation years he also worked on the university as assistant in graphic design atelier and teacher basics of computer graphics for few years. In past years Peter worked for companies like HBO, Festka, Skoda or so on graphic design and illustrations projects. In a future Peter want to improve his 3d skill and learn advancet techniques of animation and motion design. He is alwayse happy about learning somethink new. His key rule is to never stop learning and growing.