This wasn’t an easy ride. About 5 years back I was kinda burned out by the work I did and also by my party life, it was a hell loop.

Work — party — a bit of sleep — repeat

I felt that I need something new to do, out of my classic digital but with a visible connection to what I did. And I kinda felt into sewing :D. Party fashion was kinda my guilty pleasure and creating something in the real world was kinda satisfying… 

I was cutting rolls of fabric and stitching them by hand because I didn't own a sewing machine in the beginning. 

Later on, I wanted to learn how to do it in digital space too. And 5 years later here it is :D!

AnteNox (BeforeMidnight) Is a virtual fashion brand I created and this is the first “last collection”. 

It's all black combination of multiple fabrics and meshes. Designed to help you be free at whatever party you enjoy. From Berlin Techno to Drum&Bass because we are all facing our inevitable end. 

So End is Near — Rave is Here!